10 Things that weak your immune system: Expert explain

In a world where we humans are face with diverse health challenges. The worst thing that can happen to us is to have a weak immune system. Our immune system stands as a defense for our body organs.

It helps to protect our cells from severe damage and even little health issues that can accumulate to serious health challenges. That can claim our life.

This very question remains important in this trying situation. What are the things that can weaken our immune system?

That’s what we are going to look at in this article. We are going to outline and talk about those things that can weaken our immune systems and even make us vulnerable to disease attacks.

Now let’s begin with one of the odd reasons that can weaken our immune system right away.

1. Prolong Stress

Stress will always be part of us, but the issue here is experiencing a prolong stress. When your stress become too severe it can result into weak immune system challenges. It can expose you to more health damage than you can never think of.

Always feeling stress up could make you feel more frustrated and forsaken than ever. It even has the tendency to pull you into indulging in bad habits of taking too much alcohol.

With the mindset of easing the traumatic experience of feeling you are alone in your problem. Which isn’t true. So many people are into that just as you are too and so many have overcome that through practicing this stress reduction strategies. And you too can achieve the same result.

2. Too much of alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol isn’t good for your health. It can cause a lot of damage to your immune system. Although many people do not know that taking too much of alcohol isn’t good for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Taking too much of alcohol can hinder the proper functioning of three key important cell in your immune system. Which are your macrophages, T and C cells. This cells fight diseases and help you stay healthy always and also improve your immune system health too.

But when you take too much alcohol it can weaken this cells. Which keeps your immune system active and smart to fight diseases.

3. Poor Sleep

Another slow killer of your health is poor sleep. Sometimes you might not know that too prolong stress can result in poor sleep. When you have a poor sleep. It can weaken your immune system. Even make you fall sick easily.

Although many people never thought about this. When they sometimes venture into discussing about what weaken there immune system. Stress isn’t good for us it can make us have bad experience with sleep. Poor sleep can weak your immune system. If you are the type that usually have a poor sleep quality.

You will likely have a weak immune system. Which I know you don’t really want at this distressful period. So it is good for you to know how to maintain a good sleep hygiene and protect yourself against having a compromised immune system.

4. Exposure to too many toxins

This is one of the things that health expert keeps on educating people about every day. You will usually hear this repeatedly said in the health magazines.

That being expose to too much toxic materials is very harmful to our health. Although this have being said often times. The fact still remains true about living healthy. Excessive exposure to toxins can weak our immune system.

And that is one of the major reasons we should avoid getting too expose to toxic materials because it has a very high tendency to compromised our immune system and render us vulnerable to diverse health challenges.

5. Poor Dieting

Poor dieting isn’t something we should leave out of the table. When discussing about things that can weak our immune system. Always taking poor diet always can result into a compromised immune system. Even swing you into some health issues like excessive weight gain.

Which isn’t good for your healthy living. Taking poor diets signals your immune system with bad news. It alert your body that something very bad is about to set in.

6. Over exercising

Don’t get yourself deceive. Moderate exercising boost your immune system and is very good for your health.

Exercising moderately can improve your immune system but the reverse is the case when you do it excessively.

Indulging in too much exercise can impact on your health negative making you vulnerable to infection according to Acta Clinica Croatica 2012 December review.

Over exercising can cause a lot of harm to your immune system. Much more as it can leverage you with useful health benefits.

7. Too much of Nicotine intake

This one might surprise you. Even though this remain the real truth. Often preached by health expert. Always taking too much of nicotine can result into having poor sleep quality. Which in turns can reduce your creative and productive ability at work.

Nicotine are well known for it ability to make your body function in an abnormal way. It can help you do things you never thought you could ever do in your right senses.

Taking too much of nicotine increases your body cortisol levels, which reduces your B cell antibody formation and also your T cells’ response to antigens says Dr. Spangler.

And this is bad news for your immune system as it could result into a compromised immune system for you.

8. Always Feeling Lonely

Having a compromised immune system is bad news, but the other carries the same adverse effect which result into a weak immune system for you. You might never thought of this.

It is a killer illness that can damage your immune system slowly and that is the feeling of loneliness. Always feeling lonely isn’t good for anyone.

If you always find yourself in a state of being lonely all the time. Then it is better you find a way to try to associate with people around you. Even saying Hi!! sometimes could bring a big relieve to you.

Not doing this and keeping to your lonely state can result into a weak immune system challenges.

9. Negative thinking always

Loneliness works hand in hand with negative thinking. Negative thinking becomes part of you as a result of always having negative feelings.

No matter what you do. Whether you are a house wife or a writer. It is good to always have confidence in yourself. When yo feel you are feeling so down within you as a writer. It is good to consider practicing this unique principle on how to develop your writing confidence.

Even gain more consciousness of being successful as a writer. With this knowledge you will be able to counter your fear with courage and determination.

If you don’t want to have a weak immune system. As a word of advice it is very good for you to quit thinking negatively about yourself.

Challenges will come, because they are major part of life. Challenges makes life interesting. It helps you to define a successful person. Stirring at challenges in the face brings out the real you.

The real you is that courage person that knows that every success has a price tag attached to it. So don’t try to avoid them by thinking negatively about yourself and hiding in your shell of ignorance always.

10. Taking Too much antibiotics

Antibiotics is good for preventing some minor if not major illness. But the truth is taking it too much can compromised your immune system and make you more vulnerable to illness you are trying to avoid.

So it’s very advisable to be careful while taking antibiotics in other not to abuse it and get the reverse results of it benefits to your immune health.

On the long run I bring to end this little witty discussion on things that can weak your immune system. The key take away point here on what can compromised your immune system is taking too much alcohol, nicotine, antibiotics, practicing a bad sleep hygiene and think negatively about yourself can weaken your immune system.

That’s the little we can talk about in this article. If you have any contribution to make. You are free to make your contribution in the comment section below and also don’t forget to share this article through the social share button below and above.

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