9 Things Writers Don’t Know That Makes Them Procrastinate

Things that makes you procrastinate

The procrastinating symptom might be affecting your writing. As a writer you might not know that you are doing those things writers don’t know makes them procrastinate. You might think that you can only become a procrastinator when you put off all your work to the last minute. But that’s not true. Your greatest enemy, procrastination can creep into your writing life without your notice. Making you do those things writers don’t know that makes them procrastinate without even noticing them. To avoid this ugly enemy of writers from attacking and destroying your creative life as a writer.

The following things are what you must watch out for in your life as a writer to avoid becoming a procrastinator unknowingly.

You Feel Comfortable Thinking Without Taking Any Action

When you start having these feelings of always thinking about what best to write. Without taking action to plan out ideas you want to write about in your article. It is a sure sign that you are beginning to develop the habit of procrastinating overtaking actions. And that isn’t good at all for you as a writer.

It won’t help you to develop your writing skills as a writer. Doing those things that make writers procrastinate will only harm your writing. That would only demotivate you to become less creative as a writer. The worst of it all is that you will not be able to reach that goal of writing that engaging article you are thinking of in your head.

How To Avoid Over-Thinking Without Taking Actions

To eliminate this habit before it develops into a full-blown procrastinating habit. You should consider the idea of reading more about what you want to write. Do more research work on that topic to get more insight into that topic. Instead of doing those things that make writers procrastinate like overthinking without taking any action. When you know more about that topic. It is will help you to develop the motivation you need to be confident in writing a nice opinionated piece your audience would love to read.

In Doubt Of Your Potentials As a Writer

Your opinion about a topic as a writer is the only thing that makes your writing stand out among other articles. It is very bad for you to keep doubting those wonderful ideas in your head. Because this is one of the things writers don’t know makes them procrastinate. That is your opinion about that topic. Whenever you are in doubt of your potentials as a writer. It is a clear sign that you are beginning to procrastinate about taking action. You should know that no one can think like you. You are a special writer. and it is only the real you that can produce the best of your writing. Never make that silly mistakes of doubting your potentials as a writer. Instead when in doubt of the ideas you have about a particle topic.

All you need to do is to make more research about those ideas. Research more about those ideas to prove they are right for that topic. When you do more research on those ideas it will help you to prove the uniqueness of your ideas. And by so doing it will help you to envision what actually your readers will get from reading your article. Because you have those ideas of what you are writing it will help you to feel satisfied after putting that much work into your writing.

Always Blaming your Failure On Your Imperfect Self

Blames! Blames!! When you find yourself in this situation as a writer. It is a warning that procrastination is about to set into your life as a writer. And mind you this very ill about you are about to develop will not help you at all as a writer. It will only destroy your creative life as a writer. Deny you the ability to think and take reasonable action to become better with your writing. It won’t help you to generate ideas to write better. It aims is just to waste your creative time over using meaningless thoughts.

How To Solve This Procrastination Problem

When you feel this way as a writer. The only solution to solve your problem is by learning from others. Read something new, and try finding solutions to those problems and testing out those solutions by implementing them to know how far those problems can be solved with those solutions. Don’t blame your imperfections for those mistakes. It won’t help you at all. It will only help those problems to stay longer with you than it should.

When You Keep Regretting Your Mistakes Instead Of Studying Them To Avoid Them Next Time

Mistakes will always be part of every writing process. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail to do something. What matters is the reaction you make when you fail. Do you regret the event? If you do, that is a sign that you are about to do those things that make writers procrastinate. Writers that procrastinate have a habit of regretting every single mistake they make in writing.

Failure is a part of life for every successful writer. Regretting does not help your writing to become better. It doesn’t help you to write that great piece you want to write. The only thing that regret does to you as a writer is to make you frustrated than ever. It leaves you weak and discouraged. Discouragement does not help you as a writer to become creative in that writing you want to write about.

How Do You Prevent Procrastination As a Writer By Not Regretting Your Actions

When you discover that your articles are not doing well as you expected. the right thing to do as a writer instead of regretting is to study your article to know why it is not serving its purpose. Is it that the article does not add values to your reader’s life. It may also be that your article is not solving the actual problems you intended to solve. If that is the case all you need to do is to make more research on that topic and realign your content to appeal to the needs of your audience instead of regretting over nothing. Your article doing bad isn’t the actual problem. The real problem is you not making amends when needed to fix the problem with your writing.

Feeling Bad About Your Ideas Always

Sometimes you might even feel bad about the ideas you are getting about that very article you are about to write. Even in some instances as a writer, it might occur to you that they are not really fine to be part of that article you want to write. But that isn’t a problem. The problem is when you keep on housing that feels. It might create room for procrastination. So whenever you feel an idea is not good to become a part of the composition of your work.

It is better you first put them down on a piece of paper. Reflect on them, try to figure out when it is not fine for your writing. That way you might find some motivation to derive something unique that will fit in for your work. Don’t just push away your ideas without examining them first. Because if you do so. It can become a breeding ground for procrastination to set into your writing.

Always Looking For Solutions Without Implementing Anyone

When you decide to write about anything. It is advice-able to read about those topics. Don’t do those things writers don’t know makes them procrastinate. Do some research work on what you want to write. And note down some facts about that topic. When you gather all the information in a piece of paper or on your word document. It is a good idea to reflect on them write your view about those ideas.

Don’t just think about those ideas without writing what you feel about them. If you do so you will only be giving procrastination a chance to ruin those beautiful ideas of yours. Remember your ideas and views are what make your writing unique. It is best for you. Don’t lose it to procrastination by thinking about them without implementing it in your writing. When you do so you will find out how surprising it is to come up with a nice piece your audience will love to read.

Always In A Circle Of Doing The Same Thing Without Any Difference

If you find yourself always postponing what you want to do. That is a sign you are starting to procrastinate as a writer instead of doing something important. Sometimes you might find yourself doing this over and over again. Even writing less a day is a sign of procrastination. As a writer, you are supposed to write as much as possible every day.

To pill up ideas you can re-purpose to make that wonderful article you want to write. When you find yourself always repeated writing less every day it a warning that you have to step up your discipline as a writer. To help you develop your writing skills better. Don’t slack in doing the right thing as a writer and expect a very big result. Because even the most little success you might think can come easy might not come that easily if you don’t overwork out the possibility of failing as a writer.

Comfortably Reflecting On Negative Thoughts Instead of Positive Ones

This very one is the worst killer gem writer doesn’t know makes them procrastinate. Comfortably reflecting on negative thoughts instead of positive ones. Can destroys your creativity as a writer. If you find yourself doing this as a writer. You are really into procrastinating. Because there is nothing worth doing well without a negative aspect. Everything in life has there own disadvantage so when you keep contemplating things that can make fail in writing that article you want to write.

You may never be able to find the motivation to acquire what it takes to put up the best of you. Negative thoughts kill your ability to take action as a writer. For you to write something popular that your audience will love to read. You must be positive-minded to enable those good ideas you have flow freely. Even to be able to give your writing a good spin.

Concern About Meaningless Things That Add No Value To You As a Writer

Don’t do things that do not add value to your life as a writer. It does mean that you can not do other leisure activities as a writer. But you should always make time for your writing. Don’t go about playing video games when you have some writing schedule to be done today. Respect your writing period and use that time only for making research about the topic you want to write about. And also for documenting your discoveries. Which will help you to gather ideas and develop a passion for writing a good article?

In n brief procrastination is an illusion that makes writers feel bad about there real personality as a writer. It can make you feel so uncomfortable with your ideas. Loss focus on what to do, even make you keep doing the same thing over and over again without any difference. When you find out that you are so confused about what to write as a writer. It is a warning it is high time you fit these solutions into the space to eliminate the writer’s problem called procrastination immediately before it destroys your creativity as a writer.

The above are the things that make writers procrastinate. If you have any contributions to make concerns this article please feel free to comment below. Also, don’t forget to share this article using the social media buttons below. Your sharing is highly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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