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About Ticklast

I can see you starring with your eyes wide open to cure your curiousity about what this blog called Ticklast is all about. Right!! Ok let me begin by introducing you to the chief editor and author of this blog.

Hey!!! Meet Emediong Joseph the founder of Ticklast blog. To be a little bit brief about.

Who we are?
What we do?
And what our values are? is an informational blog. Pioneered toward the creation of exceptional entrepreneur, blogger, tech savvy. Obviously will need to stay fit and healthy. Therefore this blog gives you rich wellness tips to keep you healthy and sound for work.

Our values and what we do

Because you deserve the best. You are exceptional the most special kind of people in the world. So you deserve to reach your set expected level of productivity. We know how important this is to you.

These is why at we are committed to providing you with rich juicy tips. On how to man your creativity and get the best out of yourself as sooner as possible.

That said, you have to get solutions to some intriguing issues bothering you, like blogging, health, tech and more about the cash in the bank.

Yeah!! I am talking about that wonderful business you would like to know how to make a success. Wait!! Did I just said something about business. Yes if you have questions like.

Can this blog help me with my business issues?

You are starring at the right blog. If you are an entrepreneur seeking more ideas to grow your business? This blog is for you. Why? Really, it is a deep research information portal, with an awesome bucks of inspiration to keep you going. Tailored for your business growth needs.

Can I get blogging guides here?

In fact, getting a simple start is always the best way to begin any endeavour, but what about bloggers? Great!! You have just choose a path to write and educate the world. Do you need a guide to flow along with your new found passion? Well we are here for you. We will guide you through the rigorous process of becoming a good internet writer.
So, nothing hard is too hard, only if you get a good guide by your side. Make a choice now. We suggest you stick with this blog for better. You deserve to look good.

Oh I need some Health, fitness and wellness tips.

A healthy you is a productive you. So why toll with your health? You got to keep it on a check. Sometimes, yo may need some good sleep. Because you want to be more creative and smart. Isn’t it?

Being a better you is all about staying healthy and fit. Get those wonderful health recipe to stay healthy here. I am not joking, you got to be good by checking your health against the parameter of wellness.

I would like to be a little bit tech savvy.

All this great ideas and advice comes through technology. How? Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that technology is the lead spinning point for information. You got technology you get all the world idea store keys in your hands. Staying as a digital you is very important to your personality. Read more about those technological you on this blog.

In brief this blog is detected to improving the productivity and creative ability of it reader by 50%. If you are an enterpreneur blogger, inquisitive tech savvy. Someone looking for more ideas to stay fit for your day to day activities. We are here to fill that gap and give you the impression you deserve, and so on.

Now, I have a one quick question to ask. If you don’t mind.
What would yo like to learn more about?
Please reply here and let me know. I just want to tailor more helpful content that meets your desire.

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PS. In case you forgot who I am…….I am Emediong Joseph from and I want to help you build confidence in your tips on blogging, technology, business and health/wellness tips.