Eight Myths about stress Reveal by Experts

myths about stress

There are several thoughts ever written about stress by experts you have to know to live a healthy and stress relieve life. Even to help you manage stress to stay happy as each day passes by. Although some of these thoughts have been proven by science to be myths about stress. And not really true facts about stress. But the question is.

Are all these thoughts about stress true?

If not true why are they all classified as myths about the stress you shouldn’t believe?

Yes, really some are true, and when practice could help you steam up a healthy lifestyle as an individual. Although, there are still some misguiding myths about the stress you have to avoid in other not to get yourself into trouble.

Because what we believe has a greater power to influence our mental and emotional well being. And this is a very crucial part of your physical health that you need to keep in proper check to avoid developing severe stress that could lead to adverse health consequences.

For sometimes now I have been pondering on this topic, making some research to get better insight about what really you don’t need to believe about stress to help you curb and control your stress level each day.

And guess what?

I found this fact which I will be sharing with you right here in this article.

Although there are more than eight myths about the stress that have been proven by science and experts to be wrong and misguiding.

But in this article, I will be focusing on the eight most elusive myths about stress we have been told to believe is true about stress. But aren’t so.

Stress causes aggressive behavior

It has been proven by experts that the myth about stress. That it causes aggressive behaviors in women and that men tend to be less aggressive when they are stress up is false. (Psychological Science, June 2012; vol. 23, 6: pp. 651-660) Read it up here.

The above-cited studies also prove that men also show behaviors towards stress just as their female counterparts do. Men also react socially in other to show a direct consequence to stress. Which means both genders are common in their way of reacting to stress. This proves flaws in the 100 years of myths about stress which state that women are more prone to react aggressively because of stress than men.

Popular stress relieve strategies works for everybody

Some experts have stated that the most popular stress relief techniques could work perfectly for everybody. But according to practice, it has been proven by some people that the most popular stress relief strategies do not work for them. And these claims could be further backed by our body chemistry. Not everyone feels the same.

We are all different people most times things that work for someone else may not work for you. So it is advisable to read a much stress relief journal to find the best strategies to prevent stress that works for you.

Excessive stress lead to a high mortality rate

Even some people have been misguided by the myths about stress. Excessive stress could lead to a high mortality rate. But accord to health experts this myth about stress has been debunked to be false. Although excessive stress could lead to some adverse healthy consequence it is very unlikely to lead to a high mortality rate. Since the human body has a unique way to handle stress in some critical condition. Even though it is very good to learn how to manage stress in other to maintain some level of emotional balance for healthy living.

Everyone experience stress the same way

Even if everyone experiences stress. The myth about the stress that stress is the same for everyone is wrong. Because everyone reacts to a particular situation in life differently. There the way someone else reacts to a particularly stressful situation will never be the same way you would react to the same situation.

Stress is uncontrollable by anyone

Although stress could become overwhelming to some people. Even at that stress can always manage if one applies the right stress relief techniques that suit your personality. There are always diverse stress relief strategies out there that could help you manage stress to prevent it from compounding into a more serious stress condition that could lead to serious health challenges for you.

Little stress is normal for you

Even the mere belief that little stress is normal for you is false. Because everything that becomes serious begins little. It is a very bad myth concerning stress that it is good to accept little stress as normal. Because those little stress you are experiencing today could build up with time into more serious stress issues if not properly handled by you now.

Stress motivates you to work better

Some experts believe that stress could help to act as a motivator to help you work better, but that isn’t true. You don’t need stress to motivate yourself to work. Thea Gallagher, Psy. D., a psychologist stated sometimes that sometimes stress could force you to do something better but when it loads up too much on you it could result in a serious health challenge for you. She added that’s why when you feel overwhelmed doing a particle thing you tend to put them off. And that is also why procrastination is most times associated with stress which makes you avoid doing a particular thing because you feel it isn’t the right time to do so.

Alcohol can help you to induce stress

In reality, some people are mostly deceived by the myth about curing stress. That taking excessive alcohol could help them cut short there stress when they are badly hurt by the unplanned event. Although this practice might seem to be effective to some people the truth about this act is that. It doesn’t work, it all induce your nervous system sometimes. Which after then you will still come back to realize that those impact of those stress still remains if not properly dealt with.

Happy events can’t result to stress for you

Sometimes will even think that some happy events we get ourselves involve can’t cause stress for us. Well! That is sometimes true but the fact that it is true doesn’t hold for every situation. Because even wonderful things will do could add up to our stress. Therefore is very good to consider some things we love doing most to ensure we are not adding too much stress on ourselves without our knowledge.

In other to keep the diversity of knowledge on. You are welcome to add your contribution to those myths about the stress you think are false in the comment sections below. Please share this article with a friend using the share button below. Your shares are highly appreciated to get this article round to people close to you.

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