How to become a better blog writer [How to write a blog]

How to become a better blog writer

Blogging is fun and if you are not having fun blogging. You are likely to allow your curiosity and worries to point you to a stop. Therefore don’t get too anxious about how to become a better blog writer. Blogging isn’t a get rich quick business. You have to learn how to write . At the same time, invest a lot of time and determination to get through it to success.

You need to harness some valuable qualities to create blog sites that stand out. In some situations, blog writing might look difficult at first.

Do you know what?

You have to practice blogging to know how to become a better blog writer and keep up the zeal with one sure thing. And that is Passion.

You must develop a passion for it

In fact, to become a better blog writer has a lot to do with your passion. You must love blogging to create a blog, and even make it your habit. Blogging is about your passion to be heard by the world. In that case, if that is your dream. Your passion for blogging will help you to achieve success in it. It will always be difficult for you to succeed as a blogger when you don’t have a passion for blogging.

For this reason, you have to try your best to be passionate about it. On the other hand, you will only be able to develop that passion when you make reading your passion too. Just keep studying some blogging tips that can help you regularly.

Read regularly to learn better

Becoming a good blogger doesn’t come by luck. You need to study hard to get that wisdom. You need to help your readers. When you do these, it will help you to defeat fears of imperfections and non-acceptance by your audience.

As a blogger, you want to be a good writer. Write a good article your audience would love to read, appreciate, and understand. Right, but you need to know that a good blog writer must also be a good reader. For that reason, you have to develop a good habit of reading about what you love. That way you will learn new ways to impact your audience properly. Besides, you need to have a good knowledge of what you want to teach others.

You need to defeat your fears of imperfection and non-acceptance

As a starter blogger, we all often come across difficulties. One of that fear is that.

  • we are too imperfect to teach others
  • Our audience wouldn’t like to hear from us
  • In fact, our effort doesn’t worth anything at all

These silly voices in our heads don’t help us at all to succeed as a blogger. It only keeps us wanting to quit. Really, that’s not true, about you. Although it hurts to feel this way. The truth about you is that you are great. You have to believe it. If actually, you want to discover it.

Do you know what to do?

So that, you can defeat this crazy quiet voice limiting you from becoming a better blog writer. All you need to do is to say these words repeatedly to yourself.

“I am the best for this job. I can always do it and my work is perfect and fine for my audience”

These might sound crazy to you. When you say that to yourself repeatedly. You will discover that it helps you to build confidence and motivation you need. To Keeps you focus to face the reality which is success through hard-work. You can’t just be defeated. If you don’t accept it. For this reason, you have to believe in your future as a good blog writer.

Don’t doubt it, you never can tell how it will happen. Still, you just need to wake up to the fact that you can always become a good blog writer. As long as you want to do it. That is courage in you, working through your determination and focus.

Be courageous and keep making changes

This is one of the rare gems you have to develop to make your blog stand out. If you want to embrace success with open arms. When it knocks on your doorpost. Learning is one of the things that will always help you to make changes. In your world of blog writing. We yearn to change lives through our writing. Our desire as an aspiring good blog writer is to always put a smile on the face of our readers.

Since happiness will always make our readers stay lively. We have to always find ways as writers to make that happen to them. In that case, you as a writer must learn to stay dynamic in your approach of communicating facts to them.

For this reason, you have to make more research about what you want to offer your audience. Make changes where necessary to your ideas. Present facts according to your own view. That is what your readers want from you. They want to get your uniques advice and answer to there questions. They are not coming to you to hear what is popularly known. Your readers want to learn new ideas from you. That is what you should try to offer them, not copied ideas.

So write base on your view not what is popularly known

If there is anything you readers would really expect from you. That would be your opinion about a particular issue they are trying to get answers to. Don’t let standard drive you away from success. What makes your writing valuable is your ability to state your own view. Your readers want to find new ways of doing things. People want to know what you think not what is popularly known already.

Be yourself, don’t try to emulate other writers too much. It will only harm your writing voice. Truncate your ideas and render you a carbon copy of other people. Believe in yourself, you can always become the next authority writer in that field of writing. On the contrary, I don’t mean you shouldn’t learn important ideas from other writers like you.

However, I mean you shouldn’t overdo it to hurt. You will always be fine with your view about a topic because it makes you sound like a human to your readers. They need to feel that human-like nature in your writing.


They deserve your attention and care. Their feelings have to be articulated in your writing. To prove to them that you are not some sort of robot out there whose aim is to make money for their owners.

Write like a human and not as a robot

As a blog starter, your writing tone or voice matters a lot to your readers. Moreover, they want you to communicate their interest in your writing. They are not interested in reading articles packed with ideas that do not hold anything for them.

Your readers want to end up with a solution or a way to go in other to solve their worries. That is your duty as a writer. You have to give them that solution or point them the way to go. In other to achieve their needs. That is why your view of the matter is very appreciated. They need it and that is what you have to offer them if you want to make a success out of your writing. Then, you have to do something very important.

Develop your writing voice for your blog

The most important thing about becoming a better blog writer is your uniqueness in writing. You have to be unique in your writing. So that your blog can stand out in the crowd. Not only but also look unique and special to your readers. You have to capture their attention, make them, want to read more. In fact, appreciate your work and tell you how helpful you are to them.

If you are not getting this result from your writing. That is just a sure sign that you have to work more on yourself. Read more on what interests you and your reader. Put a pen on your previously written article and breathe more life to it through making necessary editing to your work. On the other hand, you have to remember that you don’t have to be too conventional.


Remember you have to be yourself, to create a blog. I mean not just a blog but a popular blog. So try to offer the best you can.

Blogging is diversities in teaching, not a standard teaching method

Don’t hang on it too much. It won’t break your arms. If you stay positive. Why? Diversities in teaching are unique. That uniqueness is what your readers want from you.

You have no option than to offer them that for their loyalty to you. If you want to score success in your writing. They deserve to get something unique from you. Don’t just dish out copied works to them because they will know sooner or later.

Sometimes, it is very good to develop a habit of proving existing ideas for their accuracy. Your reader wants to know why they should believe you. You need to convince them to believe you are right. Otherwise, they will be left with no option than to doubt your ideas.

Make sure you try out everything you learn

To achieve this aim of convincing your reader. You must make a thorough research on the topics you want to write about. During this period, you will have to try out every idea you come across and verify their uniqueness.

Discoveries give birth to realities. You have to make research, learn more ideas, and mostly try to implement them to see how it works yourself. These will give you more grounds to defend your ideas and write authoritatively.

Your readers want to trust you. They want to confide in you. Your assurance is what they want not to guess. So you have to be sure about what you are offering your readers. Although you should always make out room for updates. What holds true now might change tomorrow.

Keep improving don’t relax on little success

You have to keep researching. In other words, I mean you should cultivate a habit of reading about what you love and what to teach your readers too When you do so it will help you also in making changes to your content that would be valuable to your readers. Your work needs some update loves. Updating your content will help make your work relevant. When your readers enjoy your writing. They will always celebrate and appreciate you.

These can make you feel a little pride in you but watch out. You don’t need to let this carry you away. You must know that the continuous improvement of your writing skill will help you to retain your success in writing. Writing well requires that you read as much as possible.

Not only-but also, you have to learn other wonderful writing patterns from others. Learning from others will help you to avoid mistakes already done by others. In like fashion, help you also to make rapid success in your writing.

Make friends with other bloggers like you

That implies that you have to make friends with other people of like minds like you. So, you can get help from them when necessary. Doing this helps you to connect and benefit from each other. No one person is perfect enough to stand alone.

You need a relationship to stay active and sound in anything you do. Writing is one of those things that requires that you learn how to communicate with others properly. Any help is necessary even if you might not notice them yourself.

You need them, likewise your friends around you too. But sometimes you might be tempted to copy others and even emulate them too much. That it weakens your writing personality to a fall. You have to consider doing these.

Read always to improve your knowledge about the topics you are interested in

Reading always as much as possible. Because the more you read about topics you love. The more knowledgeable you become with them. And for sure you will be able to deliver a good opinion about them to your readers. But you should know this also.

Don’t copy others just present your own view

Sometimes in the course of making our research works for our writing. We sometimes copy some great lines from good writings on that topic. For this reason, we may be lured into writing base on other people’s views. Which steals away our unique view about that subject matter.

What do you need to do to stop this as a writer?

As a writer, this is not right at all. You don’t need to jot down great lines from good writings on that topic. You just need to put down a summary of what you learn new from that writing in your own words. Which will really make you a good blog writer. Not exactly the great lines from that writing itself. We know that sometimes will be too excited about a work that will tend to make a copy of such. But wait a minute, remember you are a writer.

Whose aim is to tell your reader what you believe is best for them. You know quite well that you don’t need to copy to make that impact on them. What you really need is to be yourself and write authoritatively with confidence in your writing voice.

In brief, becoming a good blogger is more of a fun than what you might think about. If only you are doing this as your passion. Giving your passion a chance to develop your writing confidence in presenting your view. That view can only be presented in the best way if you make reading a habit. Knowing fully well that good writers are good readers. You need to know better to teach others well. Therefore, it is all about diversities in teaching not about what is popularly known already. Because your readers expect to learn new things from you.

If you have any idea how to become a better blog writer which you would like us to include in this article or you would like to tell us about your own view. Please do that in the comment section below. But if you would like that to private you can also use our contact form to reach us.


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