How to defeat procrastination as a writer?

Right from onset, every success is always a product of victory. The grand question is. What victory do you have to achieve to become a better writer? Now let’s hit it hard for the very first time. Every writer has a battle to win. And that battle is the battle to defeat procrastination as a writer.

Procrastination isn’t something you should joke with as writer. The earlier you know how to defeat procrastination as a writer. The better your life as a writer become fruitful and meaningful in the long run. So are you in for this or not?

If you are lets take a deep look at the useful tips on how to defeat procrastination as a writer now. The very first code of victory over procrastination as a writer is.

Accept yourself for Who you are

Don’t freaking shy out for who you are. The best of you can only be manifested in the real you. Stop trying to be exactly like others. Only learn from others to improve your writing skills as a writer. Don’t mount so much pressure on yourself by forcing yourself to become a duplicate of other great writer. Because you will never be able to write just like the real them. You should know that .

They are all different from you. And the same fact applies to you as a writer too. No one will accept you for who you are if you don’t first accept yourself. You can’t be celebrated as a writer when you don’t see anything good in yourself. When you accept who you are, you give yourself the chance to actualize more great works you never imagine could be possible. Accepting yourself makes life easier for you as a writer.

Don’t Doubt your potentials as a writer

As a writer you might be deceive to doubt your abilities. When you set out to write about a topic. You so much want to educate your readers on. Because you don’t have a good clue about it. For that reason, you might start getting this feelings about if you can really write about it perfectly. When you come across situations like this as a writer. The prime code to defeat procrastination as a writer in this situation. Is to start immediately to read about that topic from others. Don’t make that big mistake to start wasting your precious time thinking all over again with no direction on what you really need to know. That wouldn’t help you at all.

The only key to clear that doubt is to read. I mean keep reading as much as you can to get a better insight about what ideas you need to put up a good opinionated writing that answers your audience questions nicely. Don’t play the lazy writers game of depressing yourself with the disbelief that you don’t know anything about that topic. Therefore you will not be able to write something engaging that your audience will like to read.

Stop keeping Negative thoughts in your head

Reading about that topic you don’t have a better clue on is the right thing every writer should do. When stuck with the reality that you are lacking good ideas for writing about that important topic in your mind. Keeping negative thoughts roaming in your head won’t help you get better as a writer. It won’t make you become confident to give that topic a nice spin that all your precious audience would like to read.

You Can Only Generate ideas through reading

Doubting yourself as a writer, will never help you to generate good ideas to write that piece you want to write. The only thing that can help you to realize good ideas to write that article you are about to write is to read. Read more about the topic from other writers. And that is actually doing your research work which gives your writing uniqueness in it entirety. Don’t commit your precious time as a writer to thinking about useless negative thoughts like.

  • Where should I begin my writing from
  • What are the ideas to write about on this topic
  • Do I really have what it takes to write this article

Shit!!! Crack that damn procrastination syndrome down right now. You don’t need to be the most intelligent writer to write a good article on any topic. All it takes is reading and making deeper research work about that topic. When you keep reading about that topic. Automatically you will begin to have a good clue about that topic. Not just knowing about it, you will also know what to focus on why writing. I mean issues related to that topic you have to clear your audience confusion on. When you read about that topic deeply you will know what to write about. That is just the funny truth about writing.

Be the first to appreciate your writing

Don’t wait for other people to first appreciate your writing before your do so. Always be first to say a big thank you to yourself for a good job well done. Don’t ever house that thought that your article isn’t good enough to be read by your audience. After all that precious time you have put into that writing.

Doing things like that will only make you less creative. It won’t help your work get anywhere better. Secondly, it doesn’t motivate you to become a better writer. Remember every good writer derive the joy that spark creativity from motivation. You have to be your own first self motivator.

Don’t mock yourself by being too nervous about getting everything 100%. It doesn’t help you at all to learn the curves on how to become a better writer.

Read motivational writing you love

To keep yourself motivated to reproduce the best in you. Reading a bit of wonderful motivational text, will help a lot to brighten your writing personality. It can stir you up to write great piece that will resonate very well with your audience. It gives you a sense of humor. And that is what actually makes your writing lively and interesting.

Humor does make your writing attractive and engaging to your audience too. Because it create a sense of relief for your audience. It rescue your audience nerves from anxiety. Humor keeps your audience eyes bonded to your writing to get the best out of your writing

Don’t bother about perfection while writing

While clipping your ideas to that blank page looking at you. You shouldn’t worry about why those ideas of yours fit in to that writing. All you need to do is keep flowing. I mean write everything in your head you can possibily think of at that moment. don’t give your writing a second thought about how perfect it is. Because there will always be room for perfecting your writing after that.

Remember you are writing because you have the passion for that topic. That same passion is what will help you to edit that your first draft to become a good article your readers will always want to read.

work on your writing gradually. Don’t rush your work. Give it a taste of that passion you have for it. Never give a second thought about how useless it might be on it first draft. Your first draft doesn’t determine how good your writing will be. It is your continuous steady editing and re-positioning of your thoughts about that topic. That will give birth to that wonderful piece you want to present to your readers for consumption.

Share your ideas with positive minded people

You will never believe how motivating and helpful this act can be to you. When trying to defeat procrastination as a writer. Their is no level of procrastination that can defeat the impression positive minded people make on you as a writer. Procrastination hate motivation. That is why when you are overwhelm by procrastination the first sting it places on you is the thought that.

  • There is nothing you can do about that situation.
  • It makes you keep thinking of means to solve the problem when you don’t have any clue about what the problem is.
  • Keeps you in that illusion that the only way to solve that problem is by applying the best perfect solution you don’t know about

Those are the pure lies that you get from that ungrateful monkey in your head. Yes! It is a monkey, because it doesn’t want to leave it comfort zone to find a more better place to stay. If it losses you, it becomes homeless. So it makes sure that it keeps you in a repeating circle of illusion. Every particular time all over again until you get totally frustrated and yield in to it defeat. That won’t happen now again. You must start applying this principle to defeat procrastination as a writer now.

Concentrate on solving problems bit by bit

Don’t hit that blank page with the aim of solving the entire problem instantly with your writing. You can start by putting down outlines on what that article will contain. Next you start filling out that wonderful ideas of yours in a well explain manner one after the other.

Don’t worry about how long it takes

Don’t bother about how slow you are. Just keep handling the issues bit by bit by expanding those ideas and giving more useful insight that will help your readers to solve there problems perfectly. You can’t ever tell where those wonderful ideas that cracks the problem perfectly will come from. It can come from any direction. Something trivial can strike it out. Don’t bother about not hitting your target properly keep writing down those wonderful thought in your head.

And you will be totally surprise about how easy it is to write something engaging and captivating about that topic you are thinking of. When you adhere to this principles on how to defeat procrastination as a writer. You will always be proud of yourself as one who has defeated procrastination. The greatest enemy of writers productivity.

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