How to defeat procrastination as a writer?

How to defeat procrastination as a writer

Procrastination can make you become a bad writer. The big question is. Why do writers procrastinate? How do will defeat procrastination as a writer?

These are the two major questions we are going to give a perfect answer to in this article. But before that, let’s get our minds around this.

What is procrastination?

Yes, this is a very interesting part of life we writers really need to know about. Procrastination is the feeling of always thinking you are unfit to do something at a particular time.

You feel so emotionally down trying to make an attempt to start something you want to do. And this often happens to us writers more regularly. The only way to lose the grip is to fight it back. Get a hold on a start point and begin to make progress in our writing.

So why do we procrastinate as writers?

Here are the reasons we procrastinate as writers. When you as a writer do little about learning what you need to know to get better in understanding the topic you want to help your audience understand better.

It will create feelings of not being prepared enough to make a unique opinion that matters to your readers. Yes, that’s your conscience blaming you for not doing what you need to do. At the right time as a writer.

Now, how do we defeat procrastination as a writer?

Since writing something unique is all about being creative with words to add value to your audience. Let’s see it as a means, of being more productive in the sense of trying to solve the problems of our readers. So here are the top ways to eliminate procrastination as a writer.

1. Read more

 If you want to stop procrastinating as a writer. You have to devote good times to read daily. To ensure you know everything you need to know about a topic you want to enlighten your audience on.

Reading deeply about a topic you want to write. We help you boost your confidence as a writer. It will help you know exactly what angle you need to strike your unique view from on a particular topic you want to write.

Remember your opinion matters as a writer. Learn to eliminate your writing fears. If you want to make a unique view on a topic. Yes, you need to write from your unique perspective as a blogger to instill that trust in your audience that you really know what you are saying. That way when you have confidence in yourself.

It will help you to defeat procrastination as a writer and push forward your unique view to your readers. That’s what your audience wants from you.

They want to learn new ways to solve their problems from yours.

Get clear on ideas they hardly could understand from other writers’ explanation.

Help them understand complex ideas

When you hit those points and give your audience a clear understanding of what they don’t seem to understand perfectly. You have just relieved them of there anxiety. They need a good thumb up on getting a good answer to there queries.

2. Build your self-confidence

Yes, you have to learn how to develop your writing confidence as a writer. Building your writing confidence will help you a lot to defeat procrastination.

When you want to write. Stop this thought of yours of always finding the best time to write something. You could be productive anytime. Productivity is a product of comfort as much as you think.

Sometimes your bad feelings could help tune your writing ideas to be more unique. Yes, there is some situation your writing voice needs to be more pathetic and humiliating to captivate your audience. and keep them engage with your writing.

Always believe in yourself. That you can perform perfectly well at any time as a writer. Because as a writer, writing is the soul of your voice. No matter how inexperienced you are. You are a unique being to mankind.

Everyone needs you to get better in life. You have to trust yourself first. If you want others to believe and follow after your footsteps.

Doing thorough research will help your defeat procrastination.

For you to understand your audience’s needs properly. You need to know exactly who they are. What they need to learn from you. And what are the goals they want to realize?

In other to know this conducting thorough research on there needs is very important. If you don’t this can make putting together a unique solution for your audience to seem more daunting and difficult to do as a writer. And one of the things you need to do to stop this wave of procrastination coming your way as a writer is to do this.

3. Focus on your reader’s problem

 Don’t focus on your fears. Give your readers need your priority. Get yourself well vested in what your readers want to learn. Than how experience you are to help them.

One thing you should know as a writer is that. A problem when understood is a problem half solved. When you understand why a problem exists in the first place. You will know exactly how to solve it.

This is one of the reasons you should focus on your reader’s needs than your worries. Writing something unique isn’t about being the best. it is about studying a situation.

And giving a unique opinion to solve it in a step by step order. When you lay down your answer in an easy step by step method. It will be easier for your audience to understand your points perfectly.

Which will help you grab their attention to read more of your article for a more in-depth understanding?

4. Believe in yourself, not your failures

 In as much as you want to succeed as a writer. You will always experience some downsides to your determination. One thing you should have in mind is that nothing good comes that easily. You have to believe in what you can do not what you can’t do.

The more you push forward with your plans the more likely you will succeed with it. You have to give yourself some time to learn from your mistakes. Don’t make the mistake of not making a mistake in the first place.

Because not everything you can learn better from a teacher as a writer. They are so many things you need to take a deeper look at to understand it better.

The only way to do so will be to attempt to do the don’t do. If you really want to know how it works. I have learned a lot from my failure as a writer. The truth is that it hurts to fail as a blogger but it is wonderful when you succeed through the experiences you had during those times of your struggles.

5. Don’t yield into your weakness

 Every great writer has a weakness. No matter how hard you will try to stop this possibility. You will always have one because you are human. Having one makes you a real human. But that doesn’t mean you should take that as an excuse to blame your failure on your inability.

If you want to defeat procrastination and become a good writer. you must learn to take responsibility for your mistakes. make amends where necessary. In other to get better and never to lose out to such a mistake again.

I will like to hear from you

What do you think should be done to stop procrastination as a writer? Please share your own unique view on this. Let’s know exactly what you think about this topic. If this article helps you to get better please share it with friends through the share buttons.

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