Is lack of ideas the problem of writers? Discover the truth now

It might sound obvious to you that lack of ideas is your problem as a writer. Even sometimes as writer we might describe this situation as writers block. But that’s not true. Lacking ideas is never the problem of a writer. What will call writers block isn’t the real problem. The real problem of a writer is your inability to sit tight and make read deeply about about things you feel like learning about.

Even doubting your creative ability as a writer could make you go blunt on ideas. Self doubt isn’t what any writer should make an habit. If you don’t deal with it earlier as you notice it. It becomes writers block. Positive mindedness is what you need to reach that destination of creative excellence as a writer. when you develop the habit to always stay positive in your thinking as a writer.

It will help you to gain the momentum to be and outstanding writer in your niche. So how do you learn to become a good writer? You learn to become a good writer by doing positive things. Some of those positive things involve reading.

When you develop the passion to read continuously. It will become a fun part of you as a writer. And when reading become part and parcel of you as a writer. That will help you to develop passion for writing. When you have that passion of writing. Developing ideas to write about anything you want to write about. Will come naturally to you. And it would never be a problem to you.

Because when you read about things you love to read. It will result in a question prompt. You will begin to ask yourself some questions that will help you to learn more about that topic.

It will open your mind to the state of creative thinking. When you start to think about why a particular fact is true. That will help you to disintegrate that storm of curiosity in you into valuable opinion. That you can then present to your audience in writing. To give them a part that help them develop there knowledge about that topic better.

As a writer if there is anything you should seek to get yourself into. It should be getting yourself into a curious state. when you are curious about something as a writer. It helps you to sum up the willingness to study and comprehend that issues to the best of your knowledge.

No let’s just be a bit optimistic now. You can always break the limit and set another unthinkable one. Although we all know that a curious minded writer has no limit for creative thinking. They think the unthinkable and they make unrealistic possibility possible.

The question is are that writer?

If you are such a writer. Reading regularly should be your reality. It should be your beginning. Even your replacement for self doubt and negative thoughts.

Kick the buttock of that self doubt, negative thought, procrastination and the thought of I will read this latter not now.

Why not now?

Why can’t you just start now?

What is limiting you?

Why won’t that action be better to be taken today?

If you really know that your today was once your tomorrow. Then you should be kicking your ass now. For becoming your own disappointment.

Yes your first enemy as a writer is yourself. You might not believe this, but despite your disbelieve the truth remains real. Once you say to yourself. I must succeed and start taking actions instantaneously.

You become that real writer you have being thinking of. Your success lies deeply in your head as a writer. That is why visualization of your success is very necessary to stay focus and also to realize what exact steps you need to take to get a particular result.

Hey!! Don’t freak out. Failing at your first attempt isn’t a bad sign. It is just something to reflect a bit on with sequential actions. They let’t that failure be your fear. Instead make it your strength by doing something different for a different result.

What result do you want to achieve? Your steps to achieve that result begins with research.

And as soon as you keep researching on that topic you will gain a greater insight about what that topic is all about.

By so doing you will find it easier to teach others what they need to know about that topic. Remember the first motive for writing is to answer your audience questions. When you know better about that topic you will be able to craft out a good answer that will help clear there worries.

Once you achieve this through your writing. You have successful achieve the golden goal for writing. And in that case you have also successfully learn an unique principle about writing.

Which is your audience satisfaction comes first. There worries become your concern. Your writing makes them see you as the ultimate writer to listen to. when your audience get what they want from your writing.

They develop trust for you. It makes them feel they have successfully arrive at there solution portal. And that is what exactly a good writing does. It answer the readers questions. Good writing reflect on the readers worries. It has the potential of calming the nerves of your reader. Even give them the confidence to believe there are making something good out of there time.

Although sometimes a good writing may not answer the question of the reader. But it will point you to the direction to make the next steps that will resolve the problem. Good writing doesn’t really need to contain all the answers to the readers worries. In as much as it gives the reader the required ideas on what to check out for to solve the problem. That writing qualify to be called a good writing.

Reading continuously as a writer can help you to become a better writer. When you read everyday, it will help to develop your writing skills. Because reading will help to discover and get use to some good writing patterns. Which will enable you to present your ideas in a unique way.

Developing your reading habit will help you develop a well formed opinion as a writer. Your opinion as a writer is your unique view in writing. Writing without your own opinion as a reader will make you a poor writer. That is why you opinion as a writer matters. And you can only form a unique opinion as a writer from when you read more about what you want to write about.

A well formed opinion is what your writing needs as a writer. It create a sense of uniqueness and add values to your audience. Yes, you can achieve this through your article. When you are consistent in writing.

In the much cases of everything lacking ideas can never be your problem as a writer neither does it mean you are a complete prey to the ugly enemy of writers called writers block. If only you know that ideas can come to you naturally. When you position yourself in a curious state by reading as much as you can read.

Develop self confidence and reject negative thinking as much as you can. Will help you to cure writers block as a writer. You will always find it easier to write something unique that answers your audience question, keep them engaged and make them happy. If you like this article please don’t forget to share it. Your comments are highly appreciated. Because that is one of the ways you can also encourage other readers to get better too. Thanks for your time.

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