Say Something Unique: Learn How To Write Great Blog Post

This is the guide that ramp up the mute in our brain. This mute switch in our brain usually called writers block is an arch-enemy of our great ideas. It denies us the reality about ourselves as writers. The reality that everyone is unique the way he/she thinks. That’s the power of your opinion, your opinion is what is needed from you as a writer not your freaking fears and shyness away from the real you. It all begins with procrastinating. But be happy you have all the tips on how to write great blog post here to defeat your worst enemy as a writer.

What Procrastination Makes You Believe About Yourself

countless times, as a writer you will be deceive by your procrastinating personality. A growing family of writers fears which shatters your great ideas with lies like:

This time is not good for this

Your ideas are valueless

Everything you have just written is total rubbish

You are not perfect enough to be taken serious.

All this lies are what your procrastinating personality can only offer you.

But do you know what?

Don’t freak out!!

Say no to it. Learn how to write great blog post with this unique guide. You have to do what you want to do now. It doesn’t matter if it is meaningless. Remember nothing is ever 100 % perfect. Your nonsense can be gradually be adjusted to make sense. Information is a dynamic thing. It doesn’t stay perfect forever. Why bully yourself with overthinking.

Start Writing Something, Don’t Delay Yourself

Start somewhere and you will discover how better your ideas will be after sometimes of continuous editing and analyzing of your ideas. Don’t let the fear lock you in. Your ideas isn’t too bad. You just need to put them down. Analyze them and give it some read and continue to editing to land on that perfect piece. That your audience would love to read. Remember good writing is all about giving that your personal opinion about an idea or topic. Giving that ideas or topic a unique spin will spell that difference that will make your writing unique and engaging to your audience.

Summon Confidence And Write The Best You Can

Take a strong hold on confidence. You need it to improve your writing skill. Because what makes you a good writer is your confidence in writing your unique view about that topic. Every writer is special. No two person have the same choice of taste. There will always be people who your opinion as a writer will resonate with. An there will always be readers who won’t like your person in writing.

Write For a Specific Group Of Audience

So the question is. Do you want a good slice of audience to read your article an get engage doing so? Or do you want to grab everyone’s attention and end up getting none.

The choice is your’s. As a writer you should have a define audience in mind to write for. Don’t spread your hands everywhere. Concentrate on serving a well defined audience. If at all you don’t want your writing to suck. Don’t be everywhere on a particular topic. Be more specific in relating a number of valuable ideas to your audience.

No one is interested in reading an article with hundreds of solutions without getting details about how to implement them. Every reader will prefer to learn a single fact and understand it perfectly than learn hundreds of uncleared ideas.

Always Consider Your Audience Interest While Writing

Always put your audience interest first while writing . By placing yourself in their position. Reflect on there possible worries. By doing this it will help you to develop passion for blog writing and keep enjoying the art. Think of useful ideas to present to them as solutions to there anxiety. Don’t cloud them with confusion by writing long sentences and paragraphs with ideas put at unnoticeable locations in your writing.

Add a Bit Of Funny Lines To Your Writing

Add humor to your writing. Every internet surfers need this to calm down his/her anxiety a bit. To give them a more sense of focus, hope and relieve. Don’t be too explanatory be a little bit brief and sweet.

Present Your Ideas Brief And Sweet

You won’t believe how engaging articles with short sentences and paragraph are. They are super easy to understand. Factual and rich in ideas. There is no online surfer that would not appreciate a straight to the points ideas laid in a sequential order.

Present Your Ideas In Short Sentence And Paragraph

Take for example, If someone is having a dialogue with you. And he/she is relating matter bit by bit with short sentences. How do you feel? Don’t you find it more comfortable and easier to understand and give him/her a good answer than someone relating matters to you with many long sentences at a time. The latter will require you listen very attentively to give a proper answer. Even at that you may not find it comfortable answering all the questions he has asked you in those long conversation.

Make Every Single Sentence Hold a Single Idea To Create Engagement

So think that way while writing. Write everything you could possible think of. Then after when editing your first draft try to shorten your sentences make each sentence hold a single idea and relate those ideas to the ideas in the next sentences. That way your ideas will flow perfectly in your writing. This will help to create more engaging feeling in your audience reading your article. A strong bond to keep them wanting to read more about what happens next.

Give Your Personal Opinion

If you want to become more creative in your writing. You must give your personal opinion about the subject matter you are writing about. Remember you can’t be original in your writing if you don’t write base on your opinion. Your personal opinion in writing makes you sound more authoritative and experience and unique.

Be Yourself

The real you as a writer is your opinion. Because no other person can feel exactly as you do about something. They might feel similar to the way you feel. But they can’t be your exact match. No matter how much they emulate you. They will always be your duplicate or better still different from you when put on studies. So stop beating yourself with the feelings the you must be like a particular writer. It actually doesn’t matter.

Don’t Humiliate Yourself With Self Comparison

Your real writing personality doesn’t deserve such humiliation. Stop humiliating yourself. Be the unique you and everything will fall in place with time. They were other good writers before Hemingway and Shakespeare. But they never wrote the best of them neither were there best the best of Hemingway and Shakespeare. It was only Hemingway and Shakespeare that wrote there best of .

You Can Always Be Your Best

So why can’t you write the best of yourself? You stand a better chance to be recognize and appreciated for your uniqueness. Don’t freak out. Be confident in yourself and you will find out how easy it is to write the best of yourself and be the best.

That is all you need to learn how to write great blog post that gets your reader engage and wanting to read more. If you have any idea on how to write great blog post. You would like to share with us. Share it on the comment section below. Your contribution is highly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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