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Do you have passion for writing? Or may be there is something so special about you that you would love others to learn from you. Then the right and easiest way to get that done is through blogging. Blogging is not all about writing for fun alone. It is much about expressing the best of your knowledge in a written form. And it is a very rewarding passion that you can make a living from. If you don’t have any idea on how to start a blog. Just cross your mind and worry no more. Because I can help you do that easily, but you have to trust me. So follow this guide as you read through this guide to the end.

I know this might sound fascinating to you right. But the truth is learning how to start a blog now is more easier than before. Briefly I would like to walk you through step by step on how to create a blog. I mean not just to create an ordinary blog but a popular blog. That makes you feel fulfilled as a writer.

So let us dive deep into this process bit by bit.

Step 1 ===>> Think of a Random Name To call your Website or Blog

Don’t hold yourself back. Acting now and taking continuous steps forward is the only guarantee to reach you expect goal. As a passionate blog writer. Who is interested in furthering his passion as a blogger. You don’t need to worry too much about what your blog name would be. Because such worries it totally useless to pull on yourself. To get a good blog name for your blog the only thing you need to do is.

To pick at least three random words. That cross your mind immediately like for example the three random words that cross my mind right now is




Now for me to derive a perfect blog name(domain name) for my blog. I will just pick the the first two letters of each of the three words. Which are “Re” , “wo” , “st” and then rearrange it this way “wo” “Re” “st”. Which gives me the domain name “”. That would be really awesome and easy to pronounce by my blog readers. Remember picking a domain name that is easier to pronounce without stressing people is very essential. Your derive domain name should always be very short, easy to pronounce and smart in nature.

Reasons for making this choice

That is why I choose to pick only the first two letters of each of the three words only. To make it a bit fancy, we can even decide to add “y” to the derived name at the end. Which would result to “” . Will can even twist it a bit more to get “” which is really pleasing to the hear. Even you are free to use any derivative means you choose. Even picking a letter puzzle card and crossing out any funny word you can. We also make for a good domain name for your blog.

Also remember it is very good to make out at least five unique blog names. You would like your blog to be called. In other to stand a chance of securing one for yourself to call your blog. While searching on the domain name registrars site will are going to buy our domain with. To ensure we get one available one for ourselves. So why get worried over nothing. Come on now!!! And do it , I mean take a step to make a difference. In your dream journey of starting a blog now.

Step 2 ===>> Buy a Domain name for your blog

Now you have finally figure out what your blog name would be. That is what you would like to call that wonderful blog of yours. It’s time for your to secure the name for your blog. I mean laying claim for it by buying the domain name and making it your intellectual property. Which would be your brand possession.

Because for you to start a blog you have to purchase one unique domain name for your blog. Which will be your blog address on the internet. That your audience or reader will plug into their browser search bar or address bar to find your blog. As a new special blogger in the making. It is advisable you go for the best options out there. To get the best for your blog when you want to start a blog. That is why I am here to guide you on making the best choice. Therefore my recommendation for you is Hostinger domain registrar . Which is one of the best domain name registrar right now. On the internet with quality services, good customer support center and much discounts. Base on the numbers of months you are buying the domain name.

Step 3 ===>> Buy a Web hosting Package to start a blog

The next thing to do after purchasing your domain name through the above link I recommended is for you to purchase a webhosting package from Hostinger webhosting company also through the same link I recommended above. Oh!! You might wonder what is a webhosting package use for and why do I need it? A webhosting package is what you buy from a webhosting company to enable you host your site or blog with them. That’s is to say that the space allocated to store your site on there server is called a webhosting package.

It cost less than you can ever imagine to start a blog

That will cost you just less than $3 dollars per month. which is the best deal you can find on the internet as long as webhosting is concern. Because they will allow you to renew your deal with them at the same price you bought your first hosting package after it expires. Don’t forget you might find some deceitful webhosting company that would give you a webhosting package at a more cheaper rate but the painful part of it is that the renewer price for that same webhosting package after it expires might be times ten of the first price your bought your first webhosting package with them.

They Sometimes Lock up you Domain Name

Not only that some would even restrict you from transferring your domain name to another domain name registrar. Thereby forcing you to pay expensively for that domain name at least once before you are allow to move it away from them. Which will force you to start wandering about looking for way to move your site away from them later. Which might become a tedious job for you if you don’t have the required skills to do so.

What Hostinger web host Gives you for Free

For this reason, going with the recommendation I made for you would really be a good choice because Hostinger webhosting company gives all it customers that purchase webhosting package with them a free SSL certificate. Which make your site secure and trusted by google search engine and other search engine too. And also a free custom email address.

Which those deceitful webhosting companies claiming to provide such services at ta cheaper rate won’t include for you. And you will need to buy later when you need it from them. Which will cost you extra money, that will double the price of the hosting more than what you have ever expected in the first place. So if you stick with my recommendation At this point you should be in your webhosting control panel now you will find yourself in a happier position and you will thank me later for this kindness.

Step 4 ===>> Install a content management system (C.M.S)

Now you have finally landed in your webhosting control panel. You have to do one more important thing now. And that is installing a content management system(C.M.S). For the moment now there are more than twenty of them. But some of the three most popular ones to start a blog with are



And Joomla.

Which ever one you prefer depends on what kind of control you want to have over the BackEnd of your website. which could involve building custom UX and other interface for your website depending on your wish and choice of internal structuring. But as a newbie with little or no knowledge about how coding go hand in hand with the server to make a website look lively. It is advisable you go with one of this content management system.

Excerpt you have Good Knowledge of Web Development Language

If you have a good grounding with web development languages such as Html, CSS, JavaScript etc and you you like to implement most things yourself on your website. Then choosing Blogger as a content management system is a good idea.

Choosing your content Management System(C.M.S)

But if you would like to go for one with lot of already made external functionality for you. In which your can choose from and customize your site to the best of your liking going for WordPress is the best. or you have the finance to buy well crafted personal custom utility for making your site look perfect and you are not much interested in free tool for extending your blog functionality.

Choosing Joomla could be the best for your. But if you ask me which would you recommend as the best to use I would recommend WordPress for your. Because WordPress has one of the largest active community for supporting web developers. That is you will find it easier to get help when necessary. And also It is the largest you content management system that 60% of the world on the internet is build on with over 60 million active bloggers operating there website on it. It also have the largest free and paid plugin directory for adding more functionality to your blog user interface. which other platform like blogger do not really have.

Step 5 ===>> Install a Theme for your Blog

once you are done intalling your content management system. For example you went ahead with WordPress as I have recommended. Then it is time to give your blog that wonderful user interface that will give your reader a pleasant feeling when they are reading articles in your blog. So to get your blog theme setup.

Log into your WordPress dashboard

On the left hadn side point your moyuse on your appearance menu

Click on the submenu Thenme

On the top right side click on “Add New” menu and select any theme of your choice and customize them base on the way you would like your blog to look like.

Step 6 ===>>Write and Publish your First Blog post

Congrats!! For completely setting up your blog from the start to the end successfully. Now it is time to do the fun part of being a blogger. Now knowing how to develop passion for blog writing is very necessary. All you need to do is to pick a random topic from the blog niche you are interested in. May be you are interested in business, you can write about How to become a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t be afraid of writing any article

Remember you don’t need to give room for shying away from write about anything you feel like writing about. All you need is to plug in the topic into your browser search bar. And then explore google for wonderful ideas about that very topic. You might feel overwhelmed at first but don’t worry that is normal. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it. So don’t ever accept that impression that you are not knowledgeable enough to do it. To write the best article that people would yearn to read, get stuck and grip with enormous interest.

In such a way that they will have no option. Than to say, “This is a great article on how to become a successful entrepreneur. I Love it . Hey!! remember that the worst enemy of a writer is fear of imperfection and possibility of not being accepted. Don’t yield to this success killer, I repeat again don’t you ever yield to this success killer. It will only deprive you the possibility of discovering the best in you as a writer.

Pull yourself out of writers block

Remember that most time in your life. You where appreciate for many things you did. Without you even knowing before time that such action could be appreciable. Take for instance, when you where young. You were ask a question in class and you where so unsure if you really know the right answer. But you just assume what you are thinking might be right so you told your teacher. And you where greeted with a surprising responds ” You are correct” . So just give that ideas in your head a try in writing. And you will soon celebrate your courage for doing so.

Conclusion of how to start a blog

This is all about how to start a blog. If you have any question you would like to ask pertaining to how to start a blog. Or even any other blogging issues. Just feel free to ask in the comment section below. And I will be glad to give you a quick responds as much as possible. Thanks for reading this article to the end.

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