Why Procrastination Kills Your Writing Skills As a Writer

I don’t just feel like writing anything today. Merely saying that is the beginning of procrastination for us as bloggers. You don’t need to live that way as a blogger. If you really want to succeed in writing. what you should ask yourself is. Why isn’t today the perfect day to do so? Why write tomorrow instead of today? That is procrastination trying to kill your writing skills friend.

As a writer, you don’t need to push everything you have to do now to a certain day. Every minute of your day as a writer is perfect to put down something meaningful. Don’t worry if what you write now doesn’t make sense to you now.

With deep consideration and observation of your reasons you can always figure out something unique about it. Don’t forget that the best isn’t discovered at an expected time.

It is discovered in an unexpected time. You can write something stupid now that will help you come up with something nice tomorrow. Or even spur you up to discover something you never expected to discover.

So don’t look down on what you are thinking now or even your reasons now as a writer. Because writing daily is one of the best writing habits every writer must practice. Although what you are writing now might not be that great idea you are expecting. But it might give birth to that very great idea you are expecting.

Start somewhere and keep improving

You have to start somewhere. Even though it might be confusing and unrealistic at first. Always know everything will always be fine with perseverance and consistence at work.

Don’t give yourself that reason to be look down on. You are equally as important as any writer in the world. If only you believe in yourself. And you can give yourself that chance to glow like no one else can.

You are that realistic hero. don’t let procrastination ruin your real self. You can always be the best you want to be if only you can always keep on doing the needful and stop complaining about your incompetency.

No one is perfect. The early you realize this. The easier everything will be for you and the better you will be. Procrastinating isn’t a thing that you should indulge in as a writer. It won’t help you to build your writing skill as a writer. The only thing it does is to destroy your writing skill. Render you poor and incapacitated to write anything meaningful even when you are 100% fit to go. That is why you need t know the truth.

Why Procrastination Kills Your Writing Skills As a Writer

If you want to succeed. You have to kick that procrastination right now on the buttocks. Drive it far away from your inner ability as a writer. It can’t define your worth anymore. You are 10 times better than you think. That’s the real truth dear.

Procrastinating won’t help you. It hasn’t help anyone before. what you can achieve tomorrow can always be achieved today. If only you realize the needful and do it right now. Everything will fall in place much likely as you wish.

Why let procrastination kill your writing skills as a writer. When you can always do without it. You don’t need to procrastinate to plan well. All you need is to start thinking about what need to be done. And start doing it immediately.

Having them all completed today isn’t the real goal. The real goal is having them done well as envisioned by you. This is what every writer wants. Which I suggest you do too.

Why would you let procrastination truncate your vision as a writer. when you can always do without it. You can always do what you want to do without procrastinating. Thinking and creating the right master plan for your project doesn’t need procrastination to be done well. It only need mindful thinking and proper realignment of vision where necessary.

Giving procrastination a place in your day as writer is one of the greatest sin you can ever commit against your real personality as a writer. Because as a writer you are unique and productive and creative in nature. You aren’t a doll person. The real you is unique in it entirety.

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