Why You Must Write Base On Your Opinion As a Blog Writer

why you must write base on your opinion

A blog post isn’t a college thesis. It is not just meant to be a collection of researched facts. You have to give it a unique spin, because of your opinion matters. When you write base on your opinion. It makes your writing engaging and welcoming to your readers. That way your writing needs that unique spin. Which is your opinion as a writer? It is only your opinion that can guarantee the uniqueness of that piece of writing.

I am not trying to convince you that borrowing ideas to write a blog post is bad. But I am trying to relate the fact to you that every idea you share with your audience should posses your opinion about that particular ideas. Because of your opinion matters as a writer.

After all, no reader came to your blog just to read something generic. Iterated all over the internet without diversity in explanation.

That is why your opinion matters as a writer. Because the reason a surfer is clicking on one blog link to the other on the google search page. Is not find something that answers his/her question perfectly. So as a writer you should know that your opinion on how to solve that issue will always be what a specific group of people is looking for.

So Don’t Make Yourself a Duplicate

Because doing so will result in losing potential readers who would have appreciated your writing and also convert to the regular audience of your blog. To people who are their original self in writing. A duplicate writer will always be mediocre. Because they don’t know why they must write base on their opinion. It is pure foolishness to bring down a sparrow and ask it to run like a dog on land. Why the dog to soar higher like a sparrow in the air. You are that sparrow as an original you. You can only be your best when you remain your real self as a writer.

No one can be the best of you

Just like you can’t be the best of Shakespeare likewise Shakespeare can’t also be the best of you. You are your own best self. And it is only you that can conceive the best of your ideas and write. the best of writings you can write.

So stop bullying yourself by comparing yourself to other writers. Instead of doing that take time to write down all the best you can write. Then calm down and analyze your ideas one after the other to know why it is good for explaining the subject matter you are writing on.

Keep rewriting and editing your ideas until it becomes that dream masterpiece you want. Doing this will help you to develop your passion for blog writing. Which we make your article engaging and interesting to your audience. Even the best your readers would love to read too.

You can’t twist ideas to engage your readers without your opinion

You cannot give birth to the best you never conceive. That’s is why your opinion matters. If you really want to achieve success in writing. It is only the best ideas you conceive you can give birth to in writing. Borrowing ideas as a writer from other people is perfectly fine. But you must digest those ideas, contemplate or ponder on your opinion as a writer. Then reflect on them carefully to write something unique about that idea. Or else your writing will always lack uniqueness. Which will ruin the power of it being able to engage your audience?

Believing in your opinion to retain your uniqueness

As I have always said. Your uniqueness is base on your opinion without your opinion your writing is a total fake and powerless piece. Which will give your reader the impression that you don’t care about their interest. But your selfish gains from them. When this happens the tendency of you losing them to other unique writers is very slim. Which I know is not what you want.

Your opinion makes your writing authoritative

If you want your audience to enjoy and appreciate your work. You must give your unique opinion about the topic you are writing on. Your opinion makes your writing powerful. It makes your piece outstanding among other writings. It spells out the difference and compels your readers to get engaged in reading your piece.

Your opinion makes your article authoritative and unique because there is no possibility of becoming a unique writer without an opinion. If your opinion doesn’t make you unique nothing else can make you unique. And that’s another key point why your opinion matters as a writer. Your opinion is not all about a special idea you created. It is all about presenting ideas base on your own view as a writer.

Your opinion is your view as a writer

You can’t have a view of writing as a writer without an opinion. As I would always say your opinion is something special to you. And the basis of every writer’s view on a topic is his/her opinion without your opinion there can never be a writing view.

And any writing without a view cannot be captivating to the reader. It will always lack sequential ideas. And sequential ideas is what makes your piece to flow well with your audience. When you writing as a writer lack a view.

Writing without an opinion will always sound uninteresting

Because there is no originality in that piece. Therefore it is bound to suck. You can’t write the best of you. When you don’t write base on your opinion. Your opinion must be part of your writing. Your opinion brings your piece to the limelight of uniqueness. it polishes your writing voice to be unique and different from others.

Writing without your opinion destroys your writing personality as a writer or a blogger. Don’t deny your piece that uniqueness by duplicating and pasting other people’s opinions about something. You need to know why your opinion matters as a writer.

The Beauty of your article lies in your opinion

Your article will lack its beauty if your opinion is missing in it. Your opinion makes the difference in your article that makes it interesting and captivating to the eyes of your readers. Without that special spin which is your opinion as a writer. Your writing will suffer from the duplicate and boring syndrome. Which I know is the last thing you could wish your writing as a writer.

Your opinion makes your writing different from others

As will all know no two-person think exactly the same. Although they may think similar. They can never be the same. Likewise your opinion as a writer. Your opinion will always be different from other people’s own. Because you are writing base on your feeling and how you understand the topic. It might sound similar but it can never be exactly the same. Everyone thinks differently.

Therefore your opinion in your writing will always make your writing stand out from other people’s writing. And that is why you must write base on your opinion. Because that difference is what makes you an original writer. When your writings are original. Automatically you are a unique writer.

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