Why your opinion matters as a blogger

why your opinion matters

A blog is a dynamic information portal. Everything you write about is meant to change. I mean changing to become more valuable. But what makes this difference possible is your opinion as a blogger. All online surfers want to read something new. They want to learn how to do things in a more unique way than they have ever done before. That is why your opinion matters as a blogger. If you want to achieve this. The big question is. Are you that blogger who is ready to offer something unique in return for loyalty from your readers to your blog?

Because Blogging is all about presenting useful facts

It sounds very funny right!!! But that is the absolute truth about the art of blogging. Blogging is all about presenting useful facts in an interesting and captivating way. No one is interested in reading something boring. Even though it might be very rich in facts and ideas. So are you among those writers who are interesting in writing reasonable articles that motivate your audience to take action and make a difference in their life?

Your opinion makes the difference in your writing

Really that’s the power of good opinions. Every good opinion has a characteristic of gripping the attention of your reader. And pulling them into swinging into actions immediately. That is what every good article does to your audience. For you to become a good writer. Your writing must possess this quality. That is the main unique attribute of a good writer. A good writer will always have a way of presenting unique ideas to his/her audience in a more captivating way. For this reason, as a writer, your opinion matters a lot in your writing. Stop faking your writing.

Make your writing real with your opinion

Don’t fake it, because it’s your only opportunity to relate useful and unique solutions to your audience. And that is really what everyone who clicks on your link to read your article expected from you. Don’t ruin their hope of coming to you for help. Be yourself, so that you can write a more useful article for your audience on those subjects or topics you have chosen to give them insight on. Because that is the real essence of being a writer in the first place. Your aim as a good writer is to reproduce those beautiful ideas you have in an enticing and motivational way to your audience. That motivation can’t be realized by duplicating ideas and views.

Your Opinion helps you to address your audience interest properly

Now let’s reason this together. How would you feel if you click on two to there links on google search result page and read a particular opinion over and over in different blogs? And you find out that this very opinion does not appeal to your person. It doesn’t explain things to you the way you expected. The answers giving does not answer the question you asked properly.

How would you feel? Would that give you hope of making something reasonable out of your time? Do you feel frustrated? If you would feel bad about it? Then put yourself in the position of your audience. Only when you do that. That you will be able to develop a passion for blog writing.

Don’t just write about anything for writing’s sake. Always add your opinion to make it unique. Because the good article is all about forming a unique opinion about a topic and presenting your ideas in sequential order in such a way that it grabs your reader’s attention and keeps your audience well engage to take any action that will guarantee the solution to their problem. Only when you add your unique opinion as a writer to your writing.

You can achieve this. Don’t be a lazy copy freak, respect your writing personality. Be your real you. When you do that your opinion will always matter as a blogger

If you have any contribution to make on why your opinion matters as a big blogger. Please feel free to share with everyone here in the comment section below and also share this post on Twitter and Facebook to friends if you like it. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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